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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Tips and Tricks To Winning Bonyeza...

Bonyeza Ushinde na Safaricom
- photo by: Safaricom
Have you been participating in the Bonyeza Ushinde na Safaricom? If yes,  do you hope to bag any of the prizes? Well, wake up and smell the coffee! Nothing may fall into your lap! Where fate is concerned,it's a total luck of the draw.
You may think this a second bite at the berry after your last trial fell flat late last year. But my warning is "Don't take any wooden nickels". It is business as usual and someone is cashing in on this.  
Just four days after the relaunch of Bonyeza Ushinde na Safaricom; promotion where a total of 60 Million cash prize and 9 pick-ups are to be won in a span of 60 days. A subscriber is required to send his /her names via sms to 29555 to enter and thereafter receives questions daily. The multiple choice questions are answered to accumulate points that are used to enter one into a draw.

This reminds me of many other past promotions  that I have participated in and of course without a win.
It is a commonplace, that our local network providers like airtel, and Safaricom have resorted to other quick means of gaining profits. Safaricom has run many promotions in the past just  to mention but afew. The Bonyeza that concluded late last year, the Tetemesha na Safaricom that ended just recently before the relaunch of Bonyeza on 9th August,2013. For yu and Airtel, competitions and promotions with no or little public awareness have been  the order of the day. This shows that this is a real cash cow for network providers.
This is a major challenge as this may render citizens cashless should the same trend continue. The trend is worrying as many who live on the breadline are forced to bet their bottom dollars. The temptation is difficult to resist as these network providers, with a promise to win huge bucks instantly, at the time that most would need to tighten their belt may find their hard-earned money going to the drain. Simply put they can sell ice to Eskimos!
Recently, just at the relaunch of Bonyeza, I heard some local fm radio commentators argue that these promotions  will make kenyans millionaire's and create more jobs until I felt like interjecting,"Wait, my friend you are as bent as a nine bob note on this". I have had an experience with this make-me-rich quick schemes and non seems to work. It is more of rob Peter to pay Paul style which means however how much you spend, those with more money will always have an upper hand. Tyranny of numbers or safety with numbers!  Isn't it?
My brother alone, had spent about ksh 3000 on last Bonyeza and won nothing. My dad spent ksh800 but couldn't even get anywhere close to a win. My younger brother who is still in High School spent around ksh200 but got nothing in return. Myself I was gullible enough to join the bandwagon and spent ksh250 but only won ksh100 worth of airtime. Besides I had spent around ksh3500 in Yu mobile competition and another ksh 2500 in Airtel promotion but won nothing all the same. That's a total of ksh10,250 wasted on gambling. That almost equals a 2-terms high school fees, to mean if my brother was to be sent home, then unfair gambling competion would be to blame. If the money was invested wisely, I would by now be a millionaire in the making. I have had very constructive business idea and perhaps Visionary Technologies would have been better than it is today. I am not totally against these promotions but I am against any feeling that by simply joining these, you will become rich. Safaricom, Airtel or Yu mobile are blue chips company and it's likely the competition is very rife that  promotions maybe the only sure way of outdoing each other. Others with poor services may soon find themselves outshined. And the writing is on the; shape up or ship out!
And as I am writing this I believe there are many in the same predicament I am in: You have dreamt of getting a windfall in the past decade so that atleast your life would change forever but in vain.You have a great business idea but with lack of adequate finance-you fail to access loan because your bank account has been dormant ever from  time immemorial. Or perhaps you've been participating in a competition like Bonyeza and you feel like using every avenue to ensure a win. Perhaps you wonder whether there's a special formula, magic trick or miracle to land the jackpot. Is it sheer luck or the common phrase "The more you send/tweet/post/top-up the more chances of winning " does the trick?
Are you ever going to stop playing it especially after that housewife who had hit the newsreels during the prime time? I guess I won't convince you to quit.You have put in enough effort and after receiving a text message that you need to top up only ksh100 and you could become filthy rich millionaire, you now feel more close to it than ever before. I won't tell you why Tetemesha was the only promotion I ever took part in. Not for now, maybe some other day.
Today in this post, we will discuss some of the tricks to help you cope up ;-

  1. Stay in touch
  2. This is not the time to leave your phone off either because of low battery or poor network. Always keep your phone on throughout, watch news, stay updated through company's social network pages in facebook and twitter. Remember tnc's(terms and conditions ) always apply,  and any slight mistake like being out of reach for a specified period of time may lead to forfeiture of the prize.
  3. Be Observant
  4. When participating give it your very best. The questions are simple and any one who follow the instructions to the latter may certainly win. Also watch out for fraudsters. Con artist will use this opportunity to try to fleece you of your money. Always confirm that you only receive official communication from this number: +254729333333. Safaricom won't ask you to pay for the collection of your prize. Incase of such cases, always confirm by calling Safaricom number 100 or twitter page.

That is my two cent's worth.Did it help? Let me know in the comment box below. 
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