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Monday, 18 August 2014

Helb Kenya: Downloading HELB loan Application Form In PDF, Checking Loan Status and Helb Products

Higher Educations Loans Board (HELB Kenya) of Kenya is a body that helps Kenyan college and university students fund their education.
 For regular students, some of  the amount allocated is send directly to the student bank account to cater for upkeep and accommodation. The remaining balance is usually sent directly to the institution tution account.  This is to cater for only ksh 8,000 of the tution fee.

For self-sponsored students usually referred to as, “students on parallel program”, the loan awarded is usually higher with the whole amount being sent directly to the institution. Besides the Helb loan, the self-sponsored students also stand a chance to benefit from the HELB bursary.

For colleges like KMTCs and medical students in local universities they benefit from FUNZO loan and AFYA loan respectively. Tivet students also qualify for helb loan. For details about these helb loans, kindly check the below links.

HELB Kenya Links
Afya Elimu Fund Loans
Funzo Loan
Helb Undergraduate Loans
Training Revolving Funds
Currently open helb loan categories
  • Undergraduate first time application—closing date 30th October,2015
  • Funzo subsequent application—closing date 30th September,2015
  • Alternative for salaried students
  • TIVETs Bursary Loan Application

How to apply for Helb Kenya loan
As a prerequisite, there are two major documents that are a must have before proceeding with your helb loan application, i.e National ID/Passport, KRA PIN certificate plus an active email address.
I am assuming that you have already gone through my earlier post on how to apply for the KRA PIN certificate online, if you haven’t then read it here KRA PIN Certificate Online application.
how to apply +/-
Steps For Applying for the Helb Kenya Loan
  1. Open your browser and navigate to this link
  2. {The HELB Kenya website normally receives a lot of traffic during the times of application, therefore be prepared for a slow loading.  To avoid this, many helb Kenya website visitors have found it convenient accessing this site very early in the morning(12midnight-10a.m)}
  3. Click on student portal to access a 'login' pop up box
  4. Select “register” tab and enter your email address, name and password
  5. Open a new tab on your browser and navigate to your email provider url for example,, etc, login to access your helb activation link to activate your helb loan account.
  6. As the link redirects , proceed to helb login window
  7. Login using the details you registered with.
  8. Fill in the required details and save each time you are through.( incase you didn’t have all the required details, you can postpone and proceed from that point next time)
  9. You will be required to select the helb loan product you want to apply, select and click print to get your  softcopy HELB loan application pdf form.
  10. After printing your helb loan form, you will need to take the form to your chief, religious leader to be filled and more as may be indicated in your helb loan form.
For Enquiries
Contact helb Kenya through;
Loan Repayment enquiries:-
Employers forward monthly Loan repayment schedules:-
Disbursement, Bursary  and loan Awards Enquiries:-
Apply for Advertised Jobs at HELB:-
Complaints should be channeled to:

I hope you enjoyed this post.  I welcome your feedbacks and any queries concerning Helb Kenya loan application in the comment box below. 

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