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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Olx:Ways To Avoid Scams

Olx Kenya with daily visits of 78,219 views and a Alexa rank of 14063 undoubtedly remains the largest free online classifieds,a platform  that every jobseeker, every buyer and seller would want to use to speed up job findings, spur up sells and buys in businesses.

On the flipside, however, is the alarming rate at which the con artists and scammers have moved in with speed to hit the nail while it’s hot.  Internet scams have plagued and pained many unsuspecting victims from across the world each year.  Many jobseekers,desperately seeking to leverage some income, have always, under unclear circumstances have to part with their hard-earned money. I’m not saying that only jobseekers are vulnerable, but both buyers and sellers are prone in equal measures. In this posts I have listed some of the tenets you have to adhere to when posting a listing in olx(online link exchange). They are listed below;
And so how do you avoid scams in OLX??

That’s the disturbing question and today I am set to reveal some of the things you will need to look out for before performing a transaction  on OlX.
#1 Pay close attention to fake profile pics
Most scammers will use fake profile photos that would be shared with other different profiles.  Check the quality and originality of the profile pic as most downloaded pics are easily idenfiable.

#2 Watch out for the prices of goods posted by  those masquerading as sellers
Low prices that seem too good to be true could be a pointer to a scam.
#3 Always deal with local buyers
Foreign buyers,sellers or employers may easily dupe you with fake promises of receiving,delivery or employing you given the long distance.  Being geographically apart will also mean that face-to-face meet-ups and phone calls may be not viable hence settling to other communication means that may be dubious.
#4 Never give out financial information like bank account number,mpesa balance etc
Online free classifieds like olx may be a good target for information phishing that might be used in identity theft.  This is also made possible as scammers may pose themselves as administrators of a classified site.  They would sent fake emails telling you that your account was hacked and would like to receive your login details so as to help you fix the issue unaware that all these trick is to enable them mine your personal data. And that ‘s why Olx will never ask you for your login information.
#5 Always insist on Viewing the product before purchase
Most of the times you will realize that the advertised products are either fake ones or incases of houses it may be already occupied.
#6 Don’t Meet With Strangers In Secluded Places
Meeting a stranger for the first time in a secluded place may put you in risk of kidnapping or robbing. That is why OLX  will always warn you to arrange meeting in a public place  and if possible have a company.
#7 Watch out for repeated ads,updated daily
Scammers and conmen will always try every means to ensure their targeted pray are lured.  Updated ads will always appear on the top of OLX search results and that’s why they aren’t ignorant of this fact.  One ad may be repeatedly posted in more than one locations to acquire more targets…Avoid such listings.
#8 Listing photos
Many fake listings will have fake photos downloaded from the internet.  Always demand to see several similar photos of an item on offer to be bought.  This will pin them down as a downloaded photo may be easily identifiable from the rest.
#9 Beware of upfront payments.
When an olx buyer offers to pay you upfront, then you should be careful,that could be a scam.  Many buyers would offer to pay upfront only to realize the cheque or mpesa transaction was false.  In some cases they  might demand the refund immediately…Trick very common with mpesa con men.
#10 Do your research
Never get into a rushed deal even if you are desperate.  Take your time to do some internet searches about a job on offer, product to be sold and even the seller.  Google search will come in handy in this.  Check for any inconsistency of the information provided.  Many scammers may atimes try to use different information in order to lure their prey.

Perform an internet search using the exact wordings in the ad and you will be surprised that the scam might have been used several times.
This trick saved me from being scammed by an email scammers

#11Common sense
Common sense may never be very common,but atleast it should apply;  think of what information should be in the public and which one should not. Also think of any harm you may be doing to your self by conversing over email with a scammer.

The list may be endless,and perhaps you may have more ways to avoid being scammed on Olx,let me hear them in the comment box.

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