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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Kenya Revenue Authority(KRA) PIN Certificate Online Application

Hello friend, thanks for visiting this blog. With HELB’s(Higher Educations Loans Board) deadline almost running out for most of loan application categories; I decided to come up with this post having in mind the tiring process most students and loan applicants have to undergo in the process of loan application. Just to mention but a few; the traffic to the site is always high rendering the access to be slow; the required details are too many( I don’t fault them because such details are required for documentation, follow up, approval and so on), and therefore it becomes necessary that for one to apply all the required details should be on the offing plus timely access of this site in order to apply for HELB loan and download the application form. Today I’m going to begin with the former strategy, that is to ensure that all the required

  KRA(Kenya Revenue Authority) Pin Certificate Application process

For first time applicants of Kenya Revenue Authority’s PIN certificate can either visit their offices countrywide or apply online The latter is the fastest and in this bit am going to walk you through the process of application

  1. Go to New Taxpayer (pointed by the arrow) 
  2. Select by ticking whether you are applying for Resident, Non-Resident or Company’s pin certificate in the next window
  3.  In the same window above enter your correct ID Number,your DOA,District of Birth(arranged alphabetically in the drop dropdown list), mother’s and father’s last name respectively and your year of birth.
  4. Validate and proceed to the next window(several details are required) 
  5. If the last step was successful, submit after which a security code, password, PIN number will be mailed to you.
  6. Use the above details to login and edit and or print your Kenya Revenue Authority certificate

 NB; You can now proceed to apply for your Helb loan Watch out for my next post on HELB loan
Helb Kenya Loan Application

For company's download the forms below
  1. Download link 1
  2. Download link 2

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