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Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Kenyan Best Jobs Websites and Blogs

Get the full list of all Kenyan  latest job updates, kenyan jobs, online jobs,part-time and full-time jobs,NGO jobs, UN jobs and more from these websites
Kenya jobs blogs
KenyaMoja. com
Browse hundreds of daily job vacancies in Kenya

Kenyan Career . Com
Get the latest Kenyan Jobs and Vacancies,NGO job vacancies updates.
Career Point Kenya
Offers the latest Kenyan job vacancies updates,cv writing tips, job interview tips,sample cover letters,interview answers, scholarships in Kenya and more.

Jobweb kenya
Job updates, cv writing tips,cv upload etc

Daily Jobs in Kenya
Daily job search,scholarships and internship offers.
Has 9705 facebook likes.

Best Jobs kenya
A site for job search,search employers

Kenya Jobs Blogspot
Exciting career opportunities and best up-to-date vacancies for all Kenyan jobseekers.

Updates for the latest Kenya jobs, jobs in government,teaching/education jobs,media jobs,graduate jobs,support jobs and banking jobs.

Daily Post kenya
Get kenya's daily job updates.

Jobs Kenya Classifieds
Olx Kenya
Get kenya full-time jobs, part-time jobs, online jobs,daily jobs and more
Olx Kenya has 525,154 facebook likes
Search best jobs and job vacancies from all over the country.
JunkMail Kenya
Junk mail kenya has 3,165 facebook likes.  It offers free classifieds for casual jobs, part-time jobs,Engineering & Construction Jobs,General Employment,IT/Computer Jobs,Jobseekers,Professional Employment

Jobs Kenya Website
Brighter Monday
Offers exclusive accesst o jobs not advertised anywhere else
194 273 facebook likes
Corporate Staffing
A leading recruitment agency in Kenya providing complete recruitment solutions, sourcing and supplying quality staff and related human resource consultancy services.
Public Service Commission
Apply for kenya jobs online,check status of application and status of advertised job posts.

NGO Jobs Kenya
Jobs Relief Web
ReliefWeb has been the leading online source for reliable and timely humanitarian information on global crises and disasters since 1996.

United Nations
Updates on all legitimate UN job posts for Kenyans.

Updates on AMREF job vacancies for Kenyans.

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Use This Workaround To Help You Save Big With Safaricom Mpesa Transaction Charges

how to save with mpesa withdrawals
Does Safaricom mpesa's charges worry you?? Have you thought of any methods to save on mpesa charges?
Well,today in this post, may be a sure-fire workaround that might help solve your ordeal...

Safaricom recently hiked it’s money transfer charges a moderation which saw the Kenya’s telecommunication giant laughing all the way to the bank with a positive change of about ksh 289. You can check my previous post on thenew mpesa charges here.  Safaricom New Mpesa Charges
This is a second safaricom’s mpesa tariff modification since 2013.  This has of course worried most mpesa subscribers when it comes to transacting with mpesa.  It’s safe for me to say that a times one becomes more confused and undecided on the amount of money to send or withdraw  from mpesa at minimal charges.  Checking the safaricom mpesa charges sheet at the time of transaction may not be of much help as it confuses the more.

As a student, I have faced this predicament, on whether to withdraw cash or ‘lipa na mpesa’ to save some substantial amount.  But unfortunately, like many others, I would definitely opt for paying by cash since it’s the mode that is familiar.  On the flip side, I have always ignored the fact that I might be wasting a lot on transaction charges.

Take for example I have done shopping worth ksh 2,600.  In normal cases, I would be charged ksh49, for withdrawal but I can get around this to pay cheaper by withdrawing ksh 2500 for ksh 27,then withdrawing the ksh 100 balance at ksh 10,giving me a total of ksh 27+10=ksh37 instead of ksh 49.  That’s  a whopping save of ksh12.  That’s just one life example  and there could be many situations that your calculations will bail you out.

General Guide to saving on mpesa withdrawal charges(Cheap mpesa withdrawal charges)
Amount withdrawn
Normal charges
Broken Down
Alternative charges
Total of the alternative charges
Ksh 100
Ksh 5000
Ksh 12000
Ksh 10000
Ksh 110
Ksh 22
Ksh 2000
Ksh 40000
Ksh 35000
Ksh 253
Ksh 22
Ksh 5000
Ksh 10100
Ksh 10000
Ksh 120
And because this work out to get around expensive mpesa charges may vary from situation to situation, I have worked out a table that will guide you on what to withdraw in order to help you save.

The first table offers just a general guide and you might need to do your calculations well in order to save with this model.  The second table gives a range of transaction and the range of charges you may incur with mpesa.

The Range Of Transaction
Minimum Withdrawal charges
Ksh 20

That is my option, you could be having more ideas.  Kindly submit them in the below comment box...
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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Con Artist Reaping Big in Kenya:Top 7 Reasons Why Transhandlers Ltd Is a Scam!!

I did an article about alerting you guys of how the seriously the fraud was taking root online.In specific I am talking about job scams . If you haven’t read my previous article, then of course you can read it here Top Kenyan fake websites revealed before you read this post. This is because whatever topic I covered is more or less related to this one.Today I'm just about to reveal to you how a con artist has successfully managed to prey on unsuspecting Kenyan job seekers.

Yesterday, after seeing a comment in my previous post, I was alerted that whatever I have been castigating was still taking place…a sign that job scams have proved cashcow for online scammers.
I checked on transhandlers ltd website and realized that ever since I learned about their con artist tricks of conning unsuspecting job seekers into losing their hard-earned money, their continued existence only implies that they are still reaping big…and no authority is taking action. Is Safaricom doing enough to curb criminal acts? I have asked myself this question severally but my obvious answer is a bold-face NO.

As you will see in their career post that the so claimed transhandlers ltd has continued to use to steal from many,each time just modifying the dates and mpesa numbers, the denominator is that all the required payments are usually made via safaricom,s mpesa.
And because many unsuspecting Kenyans have continued to be the unfortunate victims of these online ‘crooks’, the only person who can help end this online craze is you and me. In this post, I have identified five proofs that Transhandlers Ltd is a scam. You can also read this article on ‘How to Avoid Scams Online
What You and Me Can do About Online Con Artists
At the end of this article you will have a choice on to decide whether Transhandlers’ ltd is indeed legitimate.
Secondly you can at least share it with a friend or more. If you can do this, then I believe it won’t take a genius to rumble there ‘little’ game!
7 proofs that Transhandlers Ltd Is a Scam!

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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Safaricom New MPESA Charges In Comparison With The Old MPESA Rates

Safaricom the kenyan giant telecommunication company has yet again revised the mpesa charges.  The new mpesa charges that took affect as from 19th August, 2014, will see, the telecommunications giant Safaricom getting a total increase in mpesa withdrawal charges increasing by ksh 289.
The new mpesa charges affected only the mpesa transaction that involved sending money.
The new tariff is as below with the affected withdrawals cells in blue,green and red.  The red cells indicates raised charges from the old mpesa tariffs.  The blue and green shows non-affected mpesa charges and reduced mpesa charges respectively
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Monday, 18 August 2014

Helb Kenya: Downloading HELB loan Application Form In PDF, Checking Loan Status and Helb Products

Higher Educations Loans Board (HELB Kenya) of Kenya is a body that helps Kenyan college and university students fund their education.
 For regular students, some of  the amount allocated is send directly to the student bank account to cater for upkeep and accommodation. The remaining balance is usually sent directly to the institution tution account.  This is to cater for only ksh 8,000 of the tution fee.

For self-sponsored students usually referred to as, “students on parallel program”, the loan awarded is usually higher with the whole amount being sent directly to the institution. Besides the Helb loan, the self-sponsored students also stand a chance to benefit from the HELB bursary.

For colleges like KMTCs and medical students in local universities they benefit from FUNZO loan and AFYA loan respectively. Tivet students also qualify for helb loan. For details about these helb loans, kindly check the below links.

HELB Kenya Links
Afya Elimu Fund Loans
Funzo Loan
Helb Undergraduate Loans
Training Revolving Funds
Currently open helb loan categories
  • Undergraduate first time application—closing date 30th October,2015
  • Funzo subsequent application—closing date 30th September,2015
  • Alternative for salaried students
  • TIVETs Bursary Loan Application

How to apply for Helb Kenya loan
As a prerequisite, there are two major documents that are a must have before proceeding with your helb loan application, i.e National ID/Passport, KRA PIN certificate plus an active email address.
I am assuming that you have already gone through my earlier post on how to apply for the KRA PIN certificate online, if you haven’t then read it here KRA PIN Certificate Online application.
how to apply +/-
Steps For Applying for the Helb Kenya Loan
  1. Open your browser and navigate to this link
  2. {The HELB Kenya website normally receives a lot of traffic during the times of application, therefore be prepared for a slow loading.  To avoid this, many helb Kenya website visitors have found it convenient accessing this site very early in the morning(12midnight-10a.m)}
  3. Click on student portal to access a 'login' pop up box
  4. Select “register” tab and enter your email address, name and password
  5. Open a new tab on your browser and navigate to your email provider url for example,, etc, login to access your helb activation link to activate your helb loan account.
  6. As the link redirects , proceed to helb login window
  7. Login using the details you registered with.
  8. Fill in the required details and save each time you are through.( incase you didn’t have all the required details, you can postpone and proceed from that point next time)
  9. You will be required to select the helb loan product you want to apply, select and click print to get your  softcopy HELB loan application pdf form.
  10. After printing your helb loan form, you will need to take the form to your chief, religious leader to be filled and more as may be indicated in your helb loan form.
For Enquiries
Contact helb Kenya through;
Loan Repayment enquiries:-
Employers forward monthly Loan repayment schedules:-
Disbursement, Bursary  and loan Awards Enquiries:-
Apply for Advertised Jobs at HELB:-
Complaints should be channeled to:

I hope you enjoyed this post.  I welcome your feedbacks and any queries concerning Helb Kenya loan application in the comment box below. 

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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Watch YouTube Videos For Free: Introducing Safaricom Free YouTube Bundle

Hello friends, it's a new season for English Premier League (EPL),the Safaricom Ultimate 7's is just on the offing, you want to watch free online videos, free youtube movies, keep up to date with every single music hit on by following on YouTube,..well the list is endless.  I guess there's a lot more you wanna watch online without spending a dime!

It's unbelievable! Safaricom through it's Free YouTube Bundle now allows you to enjoy your YouTube videos  by giving you a weekly 40MB data bundle to enable you watch all these actions for a full week.

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Thursday, 14 August 2014

How To Make Your Olx listings 20 Times Viewable (Step-By-Step Procedure)

Perhaps you've browsed the Olx Kenya site and got blown away with this feature that allows one to post an ad in the featured ad section. And because i'm sure you might just be wondering how to do that,in this post i am just about to explain that.

Olx free classifieds besides being a free classified ad posting site, also offers an option for sellers to get improved views by paying a small amount. This allows the buyer to post a listing that features in the featured area such that it will always appear on the top of Olx search results.

So you want to do it,uhh? This will make your olx ads to have 20X more views as they are rendered on top of search results...You can imagine!
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Olx:Ways To Avoid Scams

Olx Kenya with daily visits of 78,219 views and a Alexa rank of 14063 undoubtedly remains the largest free online classifieds,a platform  that every jobseeker, every buyer and seller would want to use to speed up job findings, spur up sells and buys in businesses.

On the flipside, however, is the alarming rate at which the con artists and scammers have moved in with speed to hit the nail while it’s hot.  Internet scams have plagued and pained many unsuspecting victims from across the world each year.  Many jobseekers,desperately seeking to leverage some income, have always, under unclear circumstances have to part with their hard-earned money. I’m not saying that only jobseekers are vulnerable, but both buyers and sellers are prone in equal measures. In this posts I have listed some of the tenets you have to adhere to when posting a listing in olx(online link exchange). They are listed below;
And so how do you avoid scams in OLX??

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Kenya Revenue Authority(KRA) PIN Certificate Online Application

Hello friend, thanks for visiting this blog. With HELB’s(Higher Educations Loans Board) deadline almost running out for most of loan application categories; I decided to come up with this post having in mind the tiring process most students and loan applicants have to undergo in the process of loan application. Just to mention but a few; the traffic to the site is always high rendering the access to be slow; the required details are too many( I don’t fault them because such details are required for documentation, follow up, approval and so on), and therefore it becomes necessary that for one to apply all the required details should be on the offing plus timely access of this site in order to apply for HELB loan and download the application form. Today I’m going to begin with the former strategy, that is to ensure that all the required

  KRA(Kenya Revenue Authority) Pin Certificate Application process

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Sunday, 10 August 2014

The Best and Top Laptop Brands of the Year 2014

We love electronics, I yap about every new technology before I have tested it.  For  every tech lover, that’s normal.  But how do you come to arrive at the right choice when shopping.  Each day every laptop brand  company comes up with a technology that is  on the leading edge to an extent that as a shopper arriving at a decisive conclusion of picking up a particular gadget may be hectic.  You may shop around till you drop.
What to do
Buyers from across the world are always searching on google,yahoo,bing or other search engines for the best brands and today I am just going to present the most popular laptop brands in the year 2014.
According to stats totted up by google the  popularity was as shown below with China leading the search

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Tetemesha Na Safaricom Kenya 2014 Winners

tetemesha na safaricom winners

Each time Safaricom Ltd unveils a promotion everyone including myself always hope to get a windfall.  With 500 millionaires and more to be made within a span of 45 days, I am been very cocksure that I won’t miss being mentioned as a winner…I am still hoping to win what about you.

But what if I don’t win still? I have been attending psychology classes according to their suggestions, I’ll accept and move on.  There’s nothing as harmful to your morale and self-esteem as living in denial."Kwani asiyekubali kushindwa siyo mshindani."  In this post, I just updating you on this Safaricom Tetemesha promotion, i.e get to see various  prizes you can win,those lucky winners who have won so far.
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Friday, 8 August 2014

Manchester United vs Liverpool Represented Using the venn Diagrams I have decided to try something special for you.  In everyday’s life there’s a subject that usually touches our life, that is the probability.  After having attended my sessions of probability theory session with Dr. Kamoing back in the year 2010,today I have just decided to refresh my mind.  I believe you too would want to do some mind refreshing and so I request you to join me on this exciting journey of probability theory.  Probably, it’s probable that you either join or not(I don’t mean to be rude ;-) ),that’s a probability of ½.

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How To Login to Your Facebook Android App Via PC

The world’s leading social networking site,in a bid to improve it,s security, launched code generator in their facebook phone app.   This code generators would work in the same mechanism as gmail back-up approval codes.  For one secure their facebook account, he/she would be required to use a code sent to their mobile phones as a password when loging in via mobile phone browser or facebook mobile app. Or alternatively, when login is initiatied through a pc web browser, the login approval codes are used instead. 

That requires  that each time a facebook user has to access his/her facebook account via a pc, he/she should be able to access the facebook approval codes either written somewhere or through the facebook mobile application.
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WhatsApp On PC (Windows 7): Run WhatsApp On PC Free Downlaod!1

whatsapp on pcvtech
I am quite aware that topics about WhatsApp on PC  have been covered several times in other online tech blogs.  Ranging from downloading whatsapp messenger for Nokia phones(Asha Series and more), WhatSapp for Iphone/Ipad, WhatsApp BlackBerry, WhatsApp Android, WhatsApp Samsung.  Several blogs have also gone ahead to fix all WhatsApp bugs, crashes, installation procedures,how to download it from the app stores like Google PlayStore, Ovi store, Opera store, Amazon and much more topics relating to WhatsApp on PC has been covered ever since its emergence in the market. 

For the benefit of the doubt, I still believe that I have room to chime in on this.  And so my work today is not to pamper you with the information you already have in your fingertips, but to add a little flavour to that. In case you would have some queries then of course you still have room to post them in the below comment box
 As compared to other top social networks like facebook,twitter
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Monday, 4 August 2014

Top Ways Kenyan Students Can Earn Reasonable Income Online (Online Jobs---part II)

This is the continuation of my previous article  Top Ways Kenyan Students Can Earn Some Income--Part I please read it.
These are some of the online jobs you can take part in from the comfort of your sofas.  Not only students can take part in these jobs but also the employed or non-employed who may want to leverage some part-time or full time  jobs.  The disadvantage with internet based jobs is that on most occasions , few are legitimate. In this post I am going to list the genuine online jobs that I have personally used to earn some supplementary income.  As you are going to realize that not much can be earned. Personally I have earned upto ksh 2500 on the higher side and so whenever you come across any one promising you gonna be rich over night, that’s an a bold faced lie…in common terms those are the scams you will bump into from time to time, spend your energy and time trying to earn virtually nothing, not knowing you are already a scam victim.  In the list of ways of earning money online below, I have arranged in a chronological manner.  That is the easiest and shortest ways to earn and so pay keen attention to the order.

Paid online surveys
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Top Ways Kenyan Students Can Earn Some Income--Part I

The month is almost over, you’re down to your ten dollars and now banking on any miraculous windfall that might occur to help you sustain yourself.  Perhaps you had borrowed and promised to refund the money as soon as you get it.  But now it’s not far from imagination.  Your hopes have spiralled down, the mpesa you expected from your relative who visited in the last summer might be, according to you the only saviour in this situation.  But you’ve got nothing really left, not even an amount to purchase mobile airtime,leave alone okoa jahazi…the last time you borrowed ksh10 safaricom okoa credit you went past the allowed period of payment until you can’t borrow anymore.  In acceptable language, you are BANKRUPT…
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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Ebola Outbreak; Why You Should Be Worried

Right now as I am writing this post hundreds of people continue to die due to infection with ebola virus with the remaining populations not only the West African states, but also the East , the Central , South, the north and even the whole world at large.
Why everyone is at risk?

Ebola virus which causes Haemorrhagic fever or Ebola Virus Disease(EVD), just like any other viral disease may end up spreading across the whole world if no timely actions to counter the spread is taken.  The death toll this year now stands at an alarming rate of 728 deaths.  Despite the precautionary actions to issue travel bans to countries where there’s outbreak, a lot still remain to be desired…People have to worry
The Ebola virus is believed to have originated from the tropical areas most probably south sudan, Congo Zaire and since discovery has a  consistent spread to other parts of Africa.  Few cases have been reported in America and other countries
Symptoms Associated With Ebola Virus Disease

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Friday, 1 August 2014

TSC's July 2014 Teachers' Recruitment

Teachers Service Commission(TSC) has announced recruitment of close to 10 ,300 school-teachers in a bid to close the gap of teachers scarcity that has continuously been witnessed across the nation . The shortage at the present stands at about 90 ,000 teachers . 

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