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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Craiglist St Louis Car Scams To Avoid

craiglist st louis car scam
craiglist st. Louis car scams

Being a great resource for selling items, locating services, finding the right appartments and much more services being rendered to craiglist st Louis users.   These Craiglist services are being enjoyed by millions of Craiglist users from all across the globe.

However, a times, these transactions don’t go smoothly as anticipated!  Many are the looming dangers that awaits every unsuspecting user enjoying Craiglist st Louis tools and services.  The scams has become a common place for most online classified sites, Craiglist St Louis not an exception.


And so the main scope of this piece is to whistle blow on some scams that you’re likely to encounter in Craiglist st Louis website while looking for that car you desire.  I have done a well researched pieces put together just to alert you that you in as much as you might be looking forward to purchase that craiglist appliance, whether a  car or a Craiglist st Louis car, sometimes without your knowledge you might be dealing with a scam of all time!

Craiglist st Louis Car Scams
Buying or selling cars on Craiglist can be a huge money saver for any party involved in the transaction. Speaking from a factual point, selling and buying of cars on Craiglist st Louis has proved to be a cash cow for both parties.  Many people are exhchanging cash and the con artists have also identified their catch here

How to identify a Craiglist St Louis Car Scams

  • The seller claims he/she is in the military or somehow stationed overseas.
  • The car price is far below the current market value
  • The contacts for the seller are not present
  • The contacting person is referred to as “pick-up agent”
  • The buyer is very anxious to finalize the transaction
  • The seller insist that the payment must be wired from a different country most often via Western Union

How to avoid Craiglist St Louis Car scams
For the safety of its purchases, Craiglist st Louis warns its users that any business dealings be done locally. Doing business with people who live far away may be easily be fraudulent.  You also need to trust your instincts, be wary if the other party prefers to wire funds via Western union, or use an escrow services.  

 For any online financial transaction, it is always wise to be prudent.  Sometimes the values are just too high, greater than the market value and therefore a keen scrutiny will reveal such.  Clues like poor grammar,misspelled words and much more.

Otherwise as a rule of thumb, to avoid being fleeced on Craiglist st Louis, ensure you are on the right craiglist st Louis website.  Don’t arrange any face to face meet up with a buyer or seller in a private place

Report scams
For any suspicious list on the Craiglist St Louis site, always report by sending to  I hope this piece helps you greatly in dealing with craiglist scams.  Any comments and addition to these tips are welcomed via the comment box…Have a safe selling and buying on Craiglist . Won’t you?

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