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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Speed up Your Typing By Employing some of These Keyboard short-cuts

Keyboard is the most essential peripheral that can’t be substituted by any other. It performs tasks ranging from simple controls to typing work which constitutes its main use. Frankly, there are more tasks that can be performed by the keyboard as compared to mouse.

Well, this means one can be able to operate his/her PC even with the failure of a mouse. In this article I have listed quite a number of common tasks performed by a combination of keyboards keys. Indeed with these keyboard shortcuts, you will be able to avoid having to through your office toolbar just to perform a-one-click action; It is a time-saver for those who haven’t mastered all the icons in office. Read through this and you will find your speed working with office increasing three-fold

KYBRD combinationTask/Action
CTR+ASelect whole document
CTRL+BEmbolden text
CTRL+CCopy selection
CTRL+DAccess a dialogue box to change font attributes
CTRL+EAlign left/centre
CTRL+FFind a specified text
CTRL+GGves an option to navigate through text body when searching for a particular word
CTRL+HReplace a found word
CTRL+IItalicize a selection
CTRL+JJustify (Align)
CTRL+KInsert a link
CTRL+LLeft align
CTRL+MIndent from the left margin
CTRL+NCreates a new blank document
CTRL+OOpens a new document
CTRL+PGives an option to send document to printer
CTRL+RRight align
CTRL+SSave as/Save
CTRL+TIndent Text body
CTRL+UUnderline a selection
CTRL+WExit an application
CTRL+TabFirst line indent
CTRL+EnterCreates page break
CTRL+’,’Inserts a single opening/closing quote”’”
CTRL+’,”Double opening quote
CTRL+Alt+DelLaunches Task Manager
CTRL+Alt+Arrow Key(Left, Right, Up or Down)Turns the display of some screens (leftwards, Rightwards, or downwards)
Shift+F3Changes the casing of text
F5Launches slideshow in Powerpoint(begins from the first slide)
Shift+F5Launches slideshow from the active slide
EscUsed mostly to exit or cancel tasks
Shift+”Key”Gives an Uppercase when the “Caps Lock” is OFF and vice versa
Shift+”Key”For keys with more than 1 character engraved, the upper one appears
Shift+Arrow keySelects texts depending on the direction of scrolling
Ctrl+”+”Launches Magnifier
Ctrl+Alt+”.”Inserts ellipse (…)
Ctrl+Del+TabNavigate through open windows
Windows logo+TabChange between opened windows
I hope this is a useful bit of information to you. Kindly suggest any other shortcuts in the comment box below and I will immediately update them:)
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Trouble-shooting HP G62 Display Problem

Your laptop `s display blanks on boot up I.e no display at all! You need not worry. This is a common fixable issue.

In my 3 years dealing with laptop issues, I have on many occasions,to deal with laptop display issues and fortunately, I have solved quite a number by the trouble-shoot procedure I am about to give. There`s a possibility that your
Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) is not seated well on your motherboard.

To fix this, kindly switch your laptop off and power it on while pressing on the keypad. If this fixs it, well and good. But if it doesn`t, there are still a few things to determine.
The second possibility is a motherboard issue. Kindly connect your laptop to an external display and press a combination of fn +f3 or fn +f4/f6 depending on your
model(Kindly confirm from your user manual how to switch between displays). Ensure the connection is correct and firm. If there`s a display on the output, it implies
that the issue might be with the your laptop`s screen.

The other scenario is that the external display may not show any image as well! Quite alarming, uh! But you need not worry. We still have to go through some procedures.
For the first scenario above, that there`s no display on external monitor, you might have to try a new Graphics Card as this maybe the possible cause. This needs experience and time and therefore you may have to visit a computer repair shop.

The second scenario whereby, there`s a display on external output but no display on the laptop, may imply a laptop backlight failure. Kindly ascertain this issue by using a spotlight to check for any blurred display on the screen. If this is the case, then your backlight`s issue will have to be fixed by a technician.

Generally it is the failure of inverter that sends the voltage to the backlight. Kindly take your laptop to a nearby repair shop for fixation.
Thank you for going through this piece of information, I hope it came handy.
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Friday, 17 May 2013

How To Speed Up Your Windows PC By RAM Upgrade

RAM (Random Access Memory) is referred to as the working memory in a
computer as it is used to store temporarily current data in use. It
is through the RAM that the data can be accessed from the secondary
storages like hard disk, compact disks, USB and modified. It is what
enables you to view and modify what is in the secondary storage. This
is the procedure followed by every program or data before it's run or
loaded for use.
But sometimes you might have realized that some programs take too long
to load or running it forces the computer to hang. This is a common
issue with most PCs or phones that have got less memory. Technically,
the access of programs or data by the RAM is hindered due to
insufficient RAM storage. This may in most cases force the computer or
smart phones to forcefully restart or hang. This may slow work just as
smooth work flow would be hindered in a crowded and busy situation.
Whether for commercial or non-commercial purposes, the output is
always negatively affected. The computer gets slower and slower that
gaming, connecting to the internet to watch movies.
Even though there are software workaround to this slow computer speed
issue, I thought it necessary to outline this technical manual fix
even as I am working o a different article to help solve such issues
without necessarily having to open your system to upgrade RAM.
But before embarking on this, the first task is always to confirm if
indeed low RAM capacity is the issue and if it is how much memory is
The below is the outlined procedure on ho to go about installing a RAM upgrade.
1. For windows operating systems, Right click on the "My Computer"
icon and select" properties" from the drop down menu. Under the
"System" category, you will be able to see your system's processor,
available memory etc.
2. Decide on what memory capacity you want to add. This might call for
some professional advice as some computer uses like gaming, video
editing always tend to require more RAM capacity as opposed to
typesetting. You also need to consider the minimum system requirement
for your PC.
3. Consult your manual or a computer technician on what RAM size and
type you may need for your system and the right computer shop where
you can get a genuine RAM.
4. After acquiring the right RAM for your system, switch off your PC,
and unplug all the power cables and all other peripherals (for
desktops). For laptops, just switch it off.
5. Open up the cover of the systems unit; unplug all the power supply
connections from the motherboard. Now locate on your motherboard where
the RAM modules should sit. This procedure is quite hectic for laptops
and it may require a skilled professional to do this.
6. Ensure you have the right module with you and then check for free
RAM slots on the motherboard. Otherwise you may have to replace a
smaller one.
On removing or inserting RAM modules, always remember to hold RAM
modules by the sides as they are always sensitive to static charges.
7. Add the new RAM module by fitting it firmly in the slots ( the
notch is always to guide on the direction of insertion). It can only
fit in one direction. Finally close all the straps or clips at the
8. Reconnect all the motherboard connections, close back the cover.
A beep during boot up may mean either the RAM module was not correctly
fitted or it is incompatible after which you will have to open up the
systems unit to solve the issue. If it works all right it is ok. All
you may have to do is to confirm, using the procedure (1) above
whether the RAM is visible by your system.
On using your system you may realize your system speed has
significantly improved. Grin! Great to go, enjoy your games or video

Kindly let me know any issue you might be facing with your system
speed in the below comment box

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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Avast Features That Stick Out

Talk of phone or pc security,the anti-virus comes in handy.There are so many anti-virus programs in the market but I feel Avast beats the hands down. I reviewed some of its features here;
  1. File Systerm Shield
  2. Monitors all file programs stored on your computer
  3. Mail shield

  4. Monitors all your email traffic and scans all messages even before they reach your computer and even do any harm.
  5. Web shield

  6. Scrutinizes all your web browsing activities, and eliminates any online threats even before your web browser sees them
    P2p shields monitors downloads from most p2p applications, vastly eliminating the risks associated with these type of programs.
  7. Im shields

  8. Intercepts all downloads from all instant messaging applications and makes sure they are clean.
  9. Network shield

  10. Monitors all network activities and stops any viruses that try to infect your system via the network. It also block access to malicious websites.
  11. Script Shield

  12. Intercepts all scripts executed on your system(including scripts received through the https)
  13. Behaviour shield

  14. Monitors your system for any malicious behaviour , alerting you if any unusual behavior is detected
  15. Software updater

  16. This feature allows you to monitor and improve the health of the software on your computer. This help keep the security status of your system on focus and hence avoiding further risks.
  17. SecureLine

  18. On public or “open” (unsecured) Wi-Fi, with the aid of sophisticated spy softwares, spies can always monitor your internet activities. This is when SecureLine comes in to action to secure and anonymize your internet connection.
  19. Other Tools

  20. Browser clean up removes annoying browser toolbar and other cookie data hence speeding up your internet connection
    Site blocking allows you to block access URLs/websites that may contain unwanted contents.
    Access Anywhere-This feature though only available in Avast premier edition, allows you to fully control your computer from a remote location. It may require an internet connection.

    Other features In Avast Mobile

    Virus scanner- scans for any malicious files in your smartphone. It can be configured to run automatically.
    Privacy Advisor Gives a list of the installed applications that can track locations, read identity information, access your messages and contacts, change secure settings, access webpages and offers an option to stop them from running. This is very useful when it comes to detecting phone spy softwares.
    Application management- This is the task manager that allows you to control running applications and processes in your smart phone. This may be useful when it comes to freeing up more memory by stopping unnecessary apps from running.
    Shield control- This scans every application before it is launched, scans every message send and received, review every url visited for malicious content among others
    Sms and call filter- This blocks calls and texts from unauthorized contacts. It offers an option to block spam .Though texts can later be accessed through logs, all blocked calls can never go through.
    Firewall- This can be customized to block certain applications that are known to be malicious.
    Network Meter- This is the most important feature for smart phones users who would like to track their data usage. If you want to monitor the bundle package consumed so as to avoid internet charges running into your airtime, then this is the right feature for you. It allows you to monitor your usage for 3G, WiFi, Roaming or all, either daily, monthly or yearly. This is very critical for your internet usage budgeting, isn’t it?
    Anti-Theft- Actually with this you have to install a plugin called Recipes 2000.
    With this tool, you will be able to protect your phone from unrecognized SIM cards, monitor and track your phone incase of lost, through the use of short text commands.

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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Why printing may stay for longer

Printing which is the process of for reproducing text and images, typically with ink on paper using some sort of a device known as the printer seems to be getting popular day by day. The use of this process is popular with almost every individual/organization from across the earth’s surface. Talk of giant companies like Safaricom, Google, Kenya Airways among others, both small and medium, few dollars to multi-billion dollars are not left behind. This is because for over hundred years, various forms of printing have been used as a means of labeling, identification (branding) and beautification.

Logos, messages, instructions, pictures, letter heads, post cards, business cards among others which can be printed on virtually any surface from plastic, leather and glass to stainless steel as a way to enhance visual appeal and command a unique brand. This makes printing very relevant for both businesses and individual use.

It is however surprising that printing is gaining popularity amidst heightened campaigns for green technology. Well, quite ironical! I must say. The history of printing technology dates back to 3000BC. Which was in the early advent of civilization in Mesopotamia. During these period, people would use round cylinder seals to roll an impress onto clay tablets. It sounds a great achievement to the evolution of printing technology in this era where simple type writer, dot matrix printer would be regarded as an obsolete. It is a great milestone having turned from simple wood/clay/block printing to a cartridge technology that employs CIS(Continuous Ink Supply) system.

With such a level of technology evolution, it is a glaring fact that the demand for printing services is here to stay! We may talk of the need of green technology but this might be a far-fetched dream. This is because, despite having softcopies of our data, the hardcopy is always a surety i.e it serves as a security. Generally, most individuals prefer to back up data in soft-copies and retain the hardcopy. Incase of data loss, it is still retrievable.

For companies, businesses/organizations, it is a common scenario having professionally designed logos, letterheads, business cards, post cards, bronchures, flyers, banners and so forth, making this demand quite overwhelming.

Are you a business or organization? Do you have interest in any or all of our services? Do you want to increase your brand image to clients? Talk of self-promotion, individual identification; Visionary Technologies have services just tailored for you. Kindly go through the list of our services and contact us for details on how we can help

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Monday, 13 May 2013

Epson's "Waste Ink Pad Error " Solved

So after years of struggling with HP cartridge printer we finally settled for Epson SX135 hoping it was going to save me the headache of buying cartridges or refilling them. On the surface, Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) technology was the better choice solution.

But the underlying problem that was common with almost all it's series was the WIC(Waste Ink-pad Counter )error. Actually this is a situation when the printer has reached a condition where the waste ink pad are full. Epson Printers track on how much ink it has dumped absorbent pads in the printer's base. Thus, it shows a error prompt message to user "Parts Inside your Printer Has Reached The End Of Its Service Life "or "waste ink pad is full" once full....I won't go into details on this lets I digress from the main topic which is giving a solution .

Barely 4 months later, after having enjoyed its services, it developed a problem a kill-switch that almost rendered us to halt. It couldn't print, scan nor photocopy. All it displayed was a sort of a green and red light, which after referring to the user manual, meant it had a problem with the waste ink pad ugh!

We opened it up and located the waste ink pad, squeezed it and ran cold clean water through it, placed it back hoping that was an easy fix! That disturbing error indicator was still showing.grr!

We didn't give up,and decided to find out online. And it was clear that Epson being a big company with its products being up taken all across the world, it was engaging in unfair games, unhealthy marketing strategies. Some users with the same problem claimed that they would add extra encryption to "encourage" you to buy a new
printer. This was a clear rip off. On their forums they suggested to users facing the same predicament to take back their printers for replacement incase they still had genuine warranties. But still there was a lot of dangers and misgivings in this; paying the shipping/ transporting fees with no surety of a refund!

We were never going to give up but now it was all clear that this issue needed a software reset not the hardware reset as we had at first anticipated.

My friend and I went through several suggested solutions but non seemed to work. We tried from SSC utility tool plus many other utilities but either they would require a purchase of a full version which we eschewed due to scepticism while some failed totally.

We looked out for more from across the suggested work-arounds and finally had to come across this utility that would fix the WIC errors for both Epson SX135 and TX 125.


It's recommended that after successful reset, create an improvised outside waste ink disposal box so as to avoid the re-occurrence. Kindly
contact us for full fix for Epson px700 and Px800 models ;
NB : The utility is free and we may charge for some of our services rendered.

Kindly contact us if you need our on-site help through your problem

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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Use of Visionary Technologies

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10  Governing Law

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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Privacy Policy


Visionary Technologies respects your privacy.

Any personal information you provide to us including and similar to your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address will not be released, sold, or rented to any entities or individuals outside of Visionary Technologies.

External Sites.

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Remember The Risks Whenever You Use The Internet

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Please contact those vendors and others directly if you have any questions about their privacy policies.

For any other information email webmaster

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