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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Con Artist Reaping Big in Kenya:Top 7 Reasons Why Transhandlers Ltd Is a Scam!!

I did an article about alerting you guys of how the seriously the fraud was taking root online.In specific I am talking about job scams . If you haven’t read my previous article, then of course you can read it here Top Kenyan fake websites revealed before you read this post. This is because whatever topic I covered is more or less related to this one.Today I'm just about to reveal to you how a con artist has successfully managed to prey on unsuspecting Kenyan job seekers.

Yesterday, after seeing a comment in my previous post, I was alerted that whatever I have been castigating was still taking place…a sign that job scams have proved cashcow for online scammers.
I checked on transhandlers ltd website and realized that ever since I learned about their con artist tricks of conning unsuspecting job seekers into losing their hard-earned money, their continued existence only implies that they are still reaping big…and no authority is taking action. Is Safaricom doing enough to curb criminal acts? I have asked myself this question severally but my obvious answer is a bold-face NO.

As you will see in their career post that the so claimed transhandlers ltd has continued to use to steal from many,each time just modifying the dates and mpesa numbers, the denominator is that all the required payments are usually made via safaricom,s mpesa.
And because many unsuspecting Kenyans have continued to be the unfortunate victims of these online ‘crooks’, the only person who can help end this online craze is you and me. In this post, I have identified five proofs that Transhandlers Ltd is a scam. You can also read this article on ‘How to Avoid Scams Online
What You and Me Can do About Online Con Artists
At the end of this article you will have a choice on to decide whether Transhandlers’ ltd is indeed legitimate.
Secondly you can at least share it with a friend or more. If you can do this, then I believe it won’t take a genius to rumble there ‘little’ game!
7 proofs that Transhandlers Ltd Is a Scam!

#1 The same post has been used to lure jobseekers
The below post has been used since 2012 to lure jobseekers, only each time, the dates figures and mpesa numbers would be changed.

#2 They use a free email address
The email address ‘’ is provided by a free email address provider
No any credible organization will use a free hosted email address services like yahoo or gmail. The fact that the yahoo email address has been used could be a solid evidence that the Transhandler’s ltd is a scam
#3 The lame excuse of not sending notifications to donors

The first pointer is; the links to ‘donate tabs’ are nofollow.
Secondly, an excuse that they have always failed to send notifications to confirm donations when indeed the donations were made, is in itself not factual.
#4 The links to social network are nofollows
Social networks like facebook,twitterGoogle plus are one of the ways through which social network users can give testimonials on an organization. The fact that these facebook and twitter tabs have been placed but not hyperlinked, gives a strong reason to make the Transhandlers ltd biggest job  scam ever.
#5 The Career post structure are similar to other fake websites used to con jobseekers
If you compare the career post for both transhandlers ltd and reliefaid org which is a similar scam, you will notice the similarity in wordings, structure eventhough the contacts and job offers may be different.(Check other sites on this post that are scams by these con artist s:Top Fake websites in Kenya

#6 The language used on the website verifies
Check this website’s right pane and you will notice this. This may either arise from non-intended mistakes due to human error or just because this site was done in a hurry to steal from people.

#7 Unclear location/non-existing building number/non-existing postal address
This trick has been use by many scammers.  Always check the street name, building number,box address and any detail that could point to the physical address.
For transhandlers ltd, the physical address pointed here.

but I couldn’t find any matching building number on google map

Those are my reasons for convincing that this is a scam, kindly share this post with your friends, on your facebook or twitter to reach many…that’s how we can help curb this.

If you have thoughts about con artist s in kenya, then of course drop them in the below comment box…I love comments

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