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About Us

Visionary Technologies was a collection of ideas brought up by two tech-savvy IT experts; George and I.

Back in our college years,many people would bring their laptops, printers, desktops and even when they faced difficulties in operations and we would help them at no fee. This is because it was sort of our hobby to help others help themselves.

But our success was so inspiring. Our client base by then was roughly thousands of college students. We wanted our services to be enjoyed by millions without physical or geographical barriers. We aspired to reach our clients both from within and beyond borders. We dreamt of bringing excellent satisfaction to our customer needs. Our vision was to always be "Visionary " I.e always up to task, up-to-date with our services to you with a lot of enthusiasm, success being the main goal.

Between us and Success
We understand that our road to success is wrought with twist and turns. We are anticipating challenges of all sorts and our unique prowess to serve you by solving your problem is what makes us tick.

Your Involvement
Meeting the needs of thousands of clients is not easy. Our motto "Your Satisfaction is our top priority " therefore can't be achieved by a one-man's show. We therefore would like to involve you in every stage of developing our services. Always feel free to leave us your feed backs through email,facebook page or twitter. We have also created a tab on this site to make it easier hearing from you. We assure you that we will be going through your comments,mails, testimonies in order to identify our strengths and weaknesses. We will also work towards improving our services to you basing on your Feedbacks!

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