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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Craiglist St Louis Car Scams To Avoid

craiglist st louis car scam
craiglist st. Louis car scams

Being a great resource for selling items, locating services, finding the right appartments and much more services being rendered to craiglist st Louis users.   These Craiglist services are being enjoyed by millions of Craiglist users from all across the globe.

However, a times, these transactions don’t go smoothly as anticipated!  Many are the looming dangers that awaits every unsuspecting user enjoying Craiglist st Louis tools and services.  The scams has become a common place for most online classified sites, Craiglist St Louis not an exception.


And so the main scope of this piece is to whistle blow on some scams that you’re likely to encounter in Craiglist st Louis website while looking for that car you desire.  I have done a well researched pieces put together just to alert you that you in as much as you might be looking forward to purchase that craiglist appliance, whether a  car or a Craiglist st Louis car, sometimes without your knowledge you might be dealing with a scam of all time!

Craiglist st Louis Car Scams
Buying or selling cars on Craiglist can be a huge money saver for any party involved in the transaction. Speaking from a factual point, selling and buying of cars on Craiglist st Louis has proved to be a cash cow for both parties.  Many people are exhchanging cash and the con artists have also identified their catch here

How to identify a Craiglist St Louis Car Scams

  • The seller claims he/she is in the military or somehow stationed overseas.
  • The car price is far below the current market value
  • The contacts for the seller are not present
  • The contacting person is referred to as “pick-up agent”
  • The buyer is very anxious to finalize the transaction
  • The seller insist that the payment must be wired from a different country most often via Western Union

How to avoid Craiglist St Louis Car scams
For the safety of its purchases, Craiglist st Louis warns its users that any business dealings be done locally. Doing business with people who live far away may be easily be fraudulent.  You also need to trust your instincts, be wary if the other party prefers to wire funds via Western union, or use an escrow services.  

 For any online financial transaction, it is always wise to be prudent.  Sometimes the values are just too high, greater than the market value and therefore a keen scrutiny will reveal such.  Clues like poor grammar,misspelled words and much more.

Otherwise as a rule of thumb, to avoid being fleeced on Craiglist st Louis, ensure you are on the right craiglist st Louis website.  Don’t arrange any face to face meet up with a buyer or seller in a private place

Report scams
For any suspicious list on the Craiglist St Louis site, always report by sending to  I hope this piece helps you greatly in dealing with craiglist scams.  Any comments and addition to these tips are welcomed via the comment box…Have a safe selling and buying on Craiglist . Won’t you?

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Saturday, 9 May 2015

7 Mothers Day 2015 Scams to Watch Out For

mothers day 2015 scams
Mothers day 2015 is here and this is the right time for scammers to hit.  This mothers day has presented them with the best time to prey on people's naivety to milk them dry.  After all who wouldn't want to at least lol her mum or perhaps the best woman mother in his/her life this mothers day.
The scams have proved to be a cash cow for most internet corn artists...

With more flower ordering, jewelry shopping, special day arrangements and much more,  got shop smarter this mothers day. 

According to Better Business Bureau more scams are now focusing on holiday shopping especially the online type..

Today I am just about to unveil a list of 7 mothers day 2015 scams list I have just put together some of the well researched latest mothers day 2015 scams just for you....

#1 Mothers day Flower shop scam
The con artists set up ingenuine online flower shops which are promoted with advertisements to lure unsuspecting victims who are rather attracted by these cheap prices. The fact is that the flowers don't exist yet the victims give their credit card numbers.

Ways to avoid such scams
Always research the sellers website before placing any transaction with them this mothers day 2015.  Look for reviews and testimonials before jumping into paying. Visit relevant forums with information about mothers day 2015, check their Better Business Bureau rating before anything else

#2 Mothers Day 2015 E-Cards
With the progression of the innovation, numerous individuals are sending e-cards these days. The same number of moms expect a card from her kids, even on the web, numerous open their messages without investigating. Shockingly, hoodlums realize that, as well.

These e-cards, which contain malware which will taint your PC after opening, are a most loved trap of tricksters. These malevolent correspondences are normally labeled for the most part with the line "Your kids sent you an e-card!"

ways to avoid:
Try not to open any messages that have that particular title subject. In the event that your youngsters send you an e-card, the line ought to be more like: "John (or whatever your child's name is) sent you an e-card", not "your kids". Be additionally watchful the other path around, in the event that you choose to send an e-card to your mother. Utilize just respectable organizations, for example, Smilebox, which gives you a chance to send free customized cards you can make for your mom.

#3 Mothers Day 2015 Fake Gift Cards
As Mother's Day is quickly drawing closer and individuals are attempting to locate the ideal giftings, some prefer giving their mother a gift card, so they can pick the ideal gift for themselves.

Con artists are very much aware of this developing pattern and are using online networking to convey their trick to unsuspecting customers.

The con artists will offer blessing cards to no doubt understood retailers at inconceivably soak rebates through notices and posts on Facebook and Twitter. Once the exploited person has entered their data into the fake database the offenders have all the ammo they have to take their character.

The threat with these posts on online networking is that individuals offer with their loved ones the alleged "incredible arrangement", without realizing that shortly their Visa will be pushed to the limit.

How to avoid
Utilization alert. Try not to buy cards from pop-up promotions or messages on Facebook or Twitter. Continuously go to the site of the retailer from whom you are obtaining the card. By doing this, you know you are making an authentic buy and securing your way of life also. Like the e-card illustration, utilize just dependable organizations for the blessing card buy. As per its awesome online surveys, one recommandation would be WaySpa, which is a safe gift card supplier having a $39 Mother's Day exceptional for a $50 blessing card.
#4 Mothers Day 2015 Twitter Instant Deals Twitter is used by almost everyone to convey nowadays . Inside minutes, you get an immediate message or are labeled by another client offering to offer you the thing you are searching for. This could without much of a stretch be a refined trick.

ways to avoid
Unless you know the individual that has informed or labeled you, reconsider before tolerating any offers. On the off chance that you do choose to take a risk never pay in advance for any thing bought along  these  lines. Keep in mind, if something appears to be unrealistic, it probably is.

#5Duplication of Known Websites
This Mothers day 2015 corn artists will remain absolutely determined to attempt and get individual data from their victimized people. This incorporates the extensive plan of building complete duplicates of no doubt understood locales, then sending messages advancing incredible arrangements. Obviously, once you have "shopped"on their site – for stock that never arrives, no less – your charge cards have been traded off, and conceivably your way of life too.

Ways to avoid
At whatever point shopping online verify you are utilizing just secure urls, demonstrated by the https:// in their web address. On the off chance that the location starts with http://, direct clear. This is an unsecured site and your data could be bargained.

 #6Mother's Day Credit Card Web swindlers promote pay ahead of time tricks for Mastercards. These messages, sent through spam, will promote "Extraordinary this current Mother's Day 2015: prequalified, super-low intrigue" Visas and credits if the victimized person pays a transforming expense in advance. "Since we know and acknowledge how hard you fill in as a mother", the fake promotion says.

how to avoid
Never accept prepaid credit or Mastercard offers; they are just not authentic. No genuine moneylender is going to offer credit for a forthright charge. What's more, dependably be careful about any offer that comes, spontaneous, to your email. This is a warning that the offer could be fake

#7 Mother's Day Fake Gifts cards
Scammers are using the social media like facebook, twitter, google plus, deliver their scams to unsuspecting online shoppers.

Ways to avoid
This mothers day 2015 never buy cards from pop-up promotions or messages on Facebook or Twitter. Continuously go to the site of the retailer from whom you are buying the card. By doing this, you know you are making a real buy and ensuring your way of life also. Like the e-card illustration, utilize just dependable organizations for the blessing card buy. As indicated by its extraordinary online surveys, one recommandation would be WaySpa,which is more seccure for online purchasing of mothers day  gift cards.
For more general tips to avoid mothers day   2015 scams, Don't fall prey to these online mothers day scams.  That's my list should you have more ideas, I won't mind you putting them in the below comment box. If you feel this post helped you evade being scammed, or it can be useful to a friend, hit the share button and enjoy happy mothers day 2015
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Monday, 4 May 2015

Sports Betting: Tips to Help You Win!

sports betting:sports pesa today's games screen shot
These days sports betting is extremely appealing to individuals. In sports betting, you can wager on B-ball, Baseball, Soccer, Hockey, Golf and so forth. Sports betting are truly only for no particular reason but fun and you can bet a little amount of cash and still have a decent win. Here are a few tips on the most proficient method to win at sports betting.

1. Pick the right Sports Book

Sportsbook is the place that acknowledges sports, large portions of the games you can wager on.. There are the couple of online sportsbook make it simpler to benefit and process your payouts rapidly and complimentary. Insights suggest that putting down bets with the right sports book will have an enormous effect, and expand the chances of winning on your sports betting.

2. Perform Thorough Game analysis

Before putting down that first bet, make a point to analyze the game, the groups or the teams, the players furthermore conditions that may assume a part in the game like the weather change. The most ideal approach to win in sports betting is to research all parts of a diversion, particularly circumstances and information that others would not consider.

3. Betting the Underdog Team

Bet Underdog or your preferred team? The general population loves to bet their preferred teams. Measurably talking, its a smart thought to bet on an underdog. With the right research, you can recognize some high-esteem underdog champs every week. Utilizing this procedure you may beat the chances as well.

4. The Right Timing for Placing Bets

Things can happen at last, players can get harmed or measurements can pivot on you, diminishing your unique chances. And therefore placing your bets at the right opportune time is vital for one to win in sports betting

5. Be tolerant
Figure out how to be tolerant. You don't need to bet on every game or consistently. Sit tight for a good arrangement of circumstances to emerge. At the point when individuals get in a frenzy state, they for the most part settle on impulsive choices that could reduce your chances of securing a win a sports betting.

6. Manage Your Finance( Never bet what you can't afford to loose)

Set a side some amount you need to use in sports betting and stick that budget

7. Get Tips From Those Who Have Participated in Sports Betting and Won Before

Their experiences and tips will help you greatly when placing your bets. They will also advise you on how to handle stress after a loss in sports betting and much more as pertains to betting.

There's a lot of money that you can earn in sports betting but only if you employ the right tips to push you to a win.  I will therefore recommend the above tips and if you should find these tips of sports betting useful, I would really love if you can hit the share button and share with a friend.  Good luck
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Sunday, 19 April 2015

KUCCPS 2014 KCSE Candidates First Revision Now Open-What Now??

kuccps degree programmes placement
kuccps universities placement

The KUCCPS ( Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Services) is now open for online application.

KUCCPS Courses
The Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Services(KUCCPS) main function is to co-ordinate placement of regular students(government sponsored students) to universities and colleges.  With this board, a candidate can acquire placement at the KMTC(Kenya Medical Training College), TVETS among other institutions

Cut Off For KUCCPS Cluster Points
The Placement Service Board for KUCCPS  set  the cut-off point for 2014 KCSE candidates’ placement to degree programmes at B(60 points) for male candidates while the female candidates a B-(58 cluster points .  All 2014 KCSE candidates with a score of C-(minus) and above ,who will have not meet the requirements for a degree admission, will have an option to apply for a regular government sponsored diploma programmes.

KUCCPS 2015 Intake Application  Dates and Deadline
KUCCPS online application system will be open for first revision (Degree and diploma programmes)2015/2016 placement on April 20th 2015 and close on May 4th 2015.

KUCCPS Cluster Points 2015-How to calculate?
Perhaps you’re wondering how to calculate KUCCPS cluster point, It’s a no brainer !  There’s no need to crack your brain hard to calculate your weighted cluster points. This cluster points for each subject groupings usually vary each year and KUCCPS will usually provide details as pertains  the cluster points calculation.
For a full detailed post on how to calculate Kuccps cluster points, I would refer you here: how to calculate kuccps cluster points 2015,basic aggregate points,weighted cluster points

KUCCPS Application Procedure
How to I apply for KUCCPS 2015 placement?  If you’re wondering how, this detailed post has been

put together for you :  online application procedure of KUCCPS 2015 placement
KUCCPS Admission list
Usually after successful application following the above application, kuccps admission list will be available online. You can always use the list to check whether your application went through.  For those who were not successful during the first time application, a second kuccps revision is always offered. This second chance usually marks the final trial after which you shall consider yourself unsuccessful.

KUCCPS Admission Enquiry
KUCCPS has stated on their website that they will be sending their officials to the below list of universities and colleges between Monday, 20thApril, 2015- Saturday, 25th April 2015.  The main reason of sending these KUCCPS officials to these various colleges is to assist those who may need assistance on the KUCCPS online application system procedure:

Nairobi Region
  • ·         Placement Services Headquarters at ACK Gardens, Community behind Ardhi House
  • ·         Dedan Kimathi University of Science and Technology
Rift Valley Region
  • ·         Egerton University, Nakuru Town Campus
  • ·         Chuka University
  • ·         Rift Valley Technical Training Institute

Nyanza Region
  • ·         Maseno University, Town Campus
  • ·         Gusii Institute of Technology
Coast Region
  • ·         Wote Technical Training Institute
  • ·         Technical University of Mombasa
  • ·         Coast Institute of Technology
Western Region
  • ·         Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology
  • ·         Bumbe Technical Training Institute.

 For further KUCCPS admission enquiry; the following numbers can be contacted: 0723954927, 0734879662 or email

 I believe this information I have put together will help you obtain a successful placement with KUCCPS…best of luck and should you encounter any problem with application, hit me back in the comment box below and I am always available to help you through with your application

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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Check 2014 KCSE Results Online or Via Text--Simple Steps You Need To Know

 KNEC Kenya: Kenya Certificate of Secondary   Education (KCSE) has released the final results yesterday  morning at 9: 00AM. Students who had sat for that exams have been in suspense and tension pertaining to receiving their final KCSE results. This assessment for some years of secondary education was carried out in calendar month of November right before the the December holiday season. Usually each year the  KCSE results will probably be released in the month of March.

According to Prof.Jacob Kaimeny, the Cabinet Secretary for Ministry of Education. Students sat for 74 papers in 31 subjects in 8, 211 KNEC (Kenya National Examination Council) assessment centres, offered by 828 distribution points. Altogether 485, 547 learners who sat for that Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education(KCSE) Exam.

How to check the results
KNEC has provided two alternatives of checking the results. One will is by text system while the other one is by checking directly from the KNEC Website. Unfortunately, currently only the text system works

What you need
  1. Index number for the candidate who had sat for the 2014 KCSE exams
  2. An active phone number with enough credit ( You will be charged ksh20 for each query made therefore I advise send only once and patiently wait for upto 4 hours as the KNEC system may be jammed atimes)

How to check the 2014 KCSE results
Short message code (22252)
  • Ensure you have enough credit on your mobile phone account
  • Construct a text as follows "XXXXXXXXXX" and send to the short code "22252" without the quotes where the "XXXXXXXXXX" is the candidate's index number.
  • Wait for the response via text.

KCSE Results via the KNEC online portal
  • Ensure you have a working data plan and access to the internet
    • Visit the official website as well as open the particular direct web page link given below.
    • Select the season of the KCSE examination.
    • Next  enter the Index number for the 2014 KCSE candidate.
    • Click on Submit button.
    • The results will be displayed
Let me know if this works for you...incase you encounter trouble always indulge me
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Monday, 16 February 2015

After The Kenyan TV Switch Off,Here Are The Three Available Options

The analogue TV switch off for most of the favourite TV stations, that is Nation medias NTV and QTV, the Standard's KTN and the Royal Media's Citizen TV left many Kenyans gazing into their blank screens with stunned looks.

This follows Supreme Court ruling on Friday the 13th February,2015,that the digital migration must continue, rejecting the TV stations' request for a three-month delay. This has marked a long court battle that has ensued for quite a while.

The looming question is; What next for millions of Kenyans who are now in black-out?
Well, the writing is on the wall...

Today I present to you three available options have the switch-off:

#1 Acquire a free-to-air Set Top Boxes
This is so far the best option as you will have an option to pay only a one-time purchase fee.
Most of these FTA set top boxes range between ksh3000-ksh8000 and are available in major super markets.

My proposal
For affordability and better value for money, go for Hotpoint DVB-T2 Digital Set Top Box/Decoder HSTB301 - USB, HDMI

Why it is suitable for you?

  • I give you a discount of ksh500 on every purchase ksh 3,195 but pay ksh 2695 pay on delivery.
  • No monthly charges
  • Excellent signal quality
  • No need of external satellite dish

#2 Pay TV Set Top Boxes
This option gives you an opportunity to purchase a set top box and pay a monthly subscription fee to enjoy channels. The price range ksh35000-8000

My proposal
Startimes pay TV at ksh 2999 get it at a ksh500 discount. Pay ksh 2500 on delivery

Why it is suitable for you?
  • DVB-T2 (Digital Video Broadcasting – Terrestrial Second Generation)compliant
  • High picture quality
  • ksh 500 discount
  • Free delivery within 2-4 working days

#3Buy an Integrated TV
These TV’s with an inbuilt DVB-T2 tuner thus they don’t require a set top box.
Available TVs



KDL-40W600B, KDL-48W600B, KDL-60W600B, KDL-32W700B,KDL-42W700B,KDL-50W800B, KDL-55W800B, KDL-60W850B, KDL-70W850B, KD-55X8500B,KD
-65X8500B,KDL-65X9000B, KD-79X9000B, KD-85X9500



My proposal
Samsung 40" UA40H5303, Full HD LED SMART TV - Black at ksh59,295

Why suitable for you
  • Wifi and web browse
  • High quality image
For a list of approved Digital set top boxes, go here
Get in Touch for more limited offers on JUMUIA Store .Get in touch for free discount vouchers: whatsapp:+254737421300

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Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Kenyan Best Jobs Websites and Blogs

Get the full list of all Kenyan  latest job updates, kenyan jobs, online jobs,part-time and full-time jobs,NGO jobs, UN jobs and more from these websites
Kenya jobs blogs
KenyaMoja. com
Browse hundreds of daily job vacancies in Kenya

Kenyan Career . Com
Get the latest Kenyan Jobs and Vacancies,NGO job vacancies updates.
Career Point Kenya
Offers the latest Kenyan job vacancies updates,cv writing tips, job interview tips,sample cover letters,interview answers, scholarships in Kenya and more.

Jobweb kenya
Job updates, cv writing tips,cv upload etc

Daily Jobs in Kenya
Daily job search,scholarships and internship offers.
Has 9705 facebook likes.

Best Jobs kenya
A site for job search,search employers

Kenya Jobs Blogspot
Exciting career opportunities and best up-to-date vacancies for all Kenyan jobseekers.

Updates for the latest Kenya jobs, jobs in government,teaching/education jobs,media jobs,graduate jobs,support jobs and banking jobs.

Daily Post kenya
Get kenya's daily job updates.

Jobs Kenya Classifieds
Olx Kenya
Get kenya full-time jobs, part-time jobs, online jobs,daily jobs and more
Olx Kenya has 525,154 facebook likes
Search best jobs and job vacancies from all over the country.
JunkMail Kenya
Junk mail kenya has 3,165 facebook likes.  It offers free classifieds for casual jobs, part-time jobs,Engineering & Construction Jobs,General Employment,IT/Computer Jobs,Jobseekers,Professional Employment

Jobs Kenya Website
Brighter Monday
Offers exclusive accesst o jobs not advertised anywhere else
194 273 facebook likes
Corporate Staffing
A leading recruitment agency in Kenya providing complete recruitment solutions, sourcing and supplying quality staff and related human resource consultancy services.
Public Service Commission
Apply for kenya jobs online,check status of application and status of advertised job posts.

NGO Jobs Kenya
Jobs Relief Web
ReliefWeb has been the leading online source for reliable and timely humanitarian information on global crises and disasters since 1996.

United Nations
Updates on all legitimate UN job posts for Kenyans.

Updates on AMREF job vacancies for Kenyans.

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