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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Free Laptop Computer Tips and Tricks

Soon after finishing my Computer maintenance course back in 2009, one thing was clear; I was ready to mingle in the job market and utilize the skills and prowess I had gained to solve important problems. My major goal has never been to make money but atleast to make some "little change ". After all I have never tested whether my knowledge in computer networking would finally connect the whole world.I never imagined my hardware and software troubleshooting skills would finally solve any problem that I may have encountered. After all I was just a freshman in job market after having some short stint at a local company doing almost irrelevant job.
A year later I decided to move on. I was fed up with being a cog in the machine and decided to follow my heart; my passion has ever been in information technology and so I decided to help those who really needed my help not to those who wanted my help. I ventured into private consultancy being called upon to fix both simple and complicated computer issues.

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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Facebook Founder Bids to Put The Entire Planet On A free Accessible Internet

I visited internet for the first time in the year 2009. This was after a friend shared with me how we could interact on the internet through facebook. Facebook was a common term among my cycles of friends and I joined just in time to interact on a new technological platform that was taking the world with a storm. Like many other internet freshers, my main target was facebook. I never expected anything else as I envisioned about meeting with friends online. To cut the chase, the first half year of joining the internet was mainly spent on facebook searching for friends, chatting and many others...I was still suffering from facebook addiction to be exact. During these times, I couldn't do without airtime credit in my phone and only a day without facebook, was enough to make me sick for as long as I could get back on facebook.

But I later learnt that the internet was not only about facebook or social networking. I later learnt about Google, Wikipedia and many other sites that were important as well. I was taking my first computer course just after finishing my high school and the internet came in handy. The internet resources contributed to my excellenf performance in my studies and this marked the change of my internet perception. Despite the challenges of accessing internet, I still managed to leverage the benefits of using the internet.

Despite the heavy access fee imposed by service providers, as there were few if any cybers around, we still managed to manoeuvre around it albeit with challenges. Many degrees and any form of academic awards came as a result of students who constantly engaged with internet resources from Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo among others. And so when I overheard a friend jokingly say

Respect the old people for they passed their examinations without Google or Wikipedia

I couldn't help but resonate the same warning across to many others. Indeed, learning without the help of internet at this age and time may just be fanciful rather than feasible.

Internet has made the world over to be a global village where people interact and share ideas. The social life has been greatly revolutionized where you can talk with someone million miles away at the touch of a button. This has enhanced lifestyle and lowered the cost of communication three fold.

Not only social life has been improved, ideas shared and learnt through the internet have helped saved millions of lives through humatarian projects, learning first aid ideas and farming techniques through internet resources.  Many techpreneures and internet entrepreneurs are now leveraging all their life income from the internet.

According to McKinsey research.    The internet now accounts for a larger percent of GDP in many developed countries than agriculture and energy.   It has accounted for 21% of GDP growth in developed countries in the past 5 years 

These in a nutshell, are some of the benefits that arise from good use of the internet.
Therefore any attempt towards free internet access and hardware affordability would positively impact  not only on our social lives but also improve economy threefold.

The Mark Zuckerberg's project, despite being decried by many as a selfish move by facebook to profiteer.

The aims to increase the number of people with internet access from the current 2.7billion people to 5 billion people.

The facebook founder,Mark Zuckerberg is partnering with Nokia and Qualcomm with a major aim of cutting internet access cost to 1% of its current level within 5 to 10 years.

At the launch of the project, Mark Zuckerberg cited some challenges , "There are huge barriers in developing countries to connecting and joining the knowledge economy." said Zuckerberg. " brings together a global partnership that will work to overcome challenges,including making internet access available to those who currently can't afford it "

In this project, free access to basic internet services I.e non-data-intensive(primarily text-based services and very simple applications like weather). This will help farmers boost their produce by planting and harvesting in good seasons at no extra cost.
Access to emails and Wikipedia would also be free! For every project, challenges will always be inevitable. 
This project will not solely benefit facebook, but enabling 5billion more people to access internet will boost all internet businesses.  And even if facebook had to reek billions in profit, many others businesses will stand to benefit directly or indirectly.

The is not the first of its kind given that there are some others that were launched with the same aim of lowering internet access costs. We had witnessed some kenyan telecoms like Orange,Yu mobile and Airtel giving free access to Wikipedia and facebook even though promotional.

Similar Initiatives
The below are some of the similar projects 

Google's Project Loon
This was an initiative launched by Google to offer internet access to far flung areas using weather balloons.

Facebook for Every Phone
This is facebook application optimized to use minimal data for developing countries

An organisation with an aim to raise upto $150,000 to purchase Terrestar-1 satellite, Find how to donate
One laptop per child
An initiative that aims to provide every child with a rugged, low-cost, low-power,connected laptop.
Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized computer that plugs into your TV and a keyboard. It’s a capable little PC which can be used for many of the things that your desktop PC does, like spreadsheets, word-processing and games. It also plays high-definition video. We want to
see it being used by kids all over
the world to learn programming.
Due to arising challenges, many strategies have been put in place to;
  • reduce hardware costs such as smartphones necessary for accessing the internet.

  • Improving networks to handle data more efficiently.

  • Partnering with businesses to develop models to "get people online."

These scheme maybe motivated in part by profit but there will still be humatarian benefits. Many internet companies stand to increase their customer bases which might be a huge boost in business.That's my two cent's worth opinion. A penny for your thoughts?  Let me know in the comment box below ...

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Related story... The hacker who broke into Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook page will get a $12,000 reward from online donors
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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Tips and Tricks To Winning Bonyeza...

Bonyeza Ushinde na Safaricom
- photo by: Safaricom
Have you been participating in the Bonyeza Ushinde na Safaricom? If yes,  do you hope to bag any of the prizes? Well, wake up and smell the coffee! Nothing may fall into your lap! Where fate is concerned,it's a total luck of the draw.
You may think this a second bite at the berry after your last trial fell flat late last year. But my warning is "Don't take any wooden nickels". It is business as usual and someone is cashing in on this.  
Just four days after the relaunch of Bonyeza Ushinde na Safaricom; promotion where a total of 60 Million cash prize and 9 pick-ups are to be won in a span of 60 days. A subscriber is required to send his /her names via sms to 29555 to enter and thereafter receives questions daily. The multiple choice questions are answered to accumulate points that are used to enter one into a draw.
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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Motorola Unveils A New Smartphone: Google Moto X Smartphone

Motorola has just made a comeback merely a year after its takeover by Google.
The Motorola Mobility,the company under the development of this cutting edge technology,was acquired by Google last year. This is its first smartphone ever produced having loads of features.

Samsung's Galaxy S4, launched some months ago, and the Apple's IPhone have had light year ahead of the park of Smartphone developers. What we have seen most leading developers do is to make interactions on social media platforms like facebook and twitter more interesting by increasing accessibility of such applications. Some latest smartphones now have both front and back cameras for easy chat on Skype. Samsung also increased the screen size with apple's iPhone to follow soon. The battery life has also been improved over the years. As evident, more and features are coming up and of course with some development of older feature targeting the already flooded market. For Samsung, it has been all-singing, all-dancing scenario for its latest Galaxy s4. It has enjoyed the market monopoly over its closest rival Apple.

What smartphone users need is more and more experience with videos or photos, easy interactions on social media and of course the speed can't be down played in this generation. Hence many developers have centered their focus on these areas as any other feature considered bells and whistles. To cut the chase, competitors present a sputnik moment to Motorola and it's grip on the market will only be realized if its technologies remain in touch with its users.
Unveiling a new smartphone may not be a rocket-science, but what matters will be the pricing and whether people keep in tune.

Without wandering off the theme, I believe that this comeback will be a great make for Motorola!
This phone is planned to be availed in US market towards the end of August or early September 2013 for $199.99(ksh18999.00) for 16GigaBytes with 2 years contract, $249.99 for 32GigaBytes and 50GB free Google Drive Online storage.
Let's see some of its cool and amazing features;

  1. Option for personalization
  2. Design your phone by choosing a color scheme for front, back and accents. Print a custom message on the back cover. This will enable you to write your details like Name, email or phone contacts at the back of your Google Moto X Smartphone. This enables you to retrieve your phone easily incase of loss. All this can be done online at Moto Maker
  3. Automatic Settings According to environment
  4. It recognizes its environment and changes its settings accordingly. For example when in flight it turns to flight mode automatically such that you won't curse your mind for forgetfulness.
  5. Highly sensitive Voice recognition
  6. Take full advantage of your Google Moto X smartphone by asking it to perform tasks with your voice
  7. Design
  8. The back is slightly curved to fit comfortably in your palm.
  9. Taking photos
  10. Arm twist like a screw-driver gesture in front of the display launches the camera app without necessarily scrolling through the apps. I would definitely love to test this /-) Multiple shots can be taken at a time by holding your finger against the display while on camera app. Swipe left or right to call up the camera app's settings
  • It has 2GB RAM series of X8 Mobile Computing System, a series of chips that includes a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 pro.
  • It runs on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.
  • The screen is 4.7 inch AMOLED high definition(HD) display with display resolution of 720X1080 pixels.
  • Weight= 4.6Ounce

That's the Google Moto X smartphone. With its loads of features, and many myself included always wanting to try something new, it is going to be a blockbuster.
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Saturday, 3 August 2013

How to Convert YouTube Video into MP3

Videos formats have become so common in the recent years. Month by
month, the in thing has been how to do deliver a more quality video.
This has seen applications developers creating video apps with
different features for videos. Social networks like facebook,
twitter,Google plus,Skype,...have not been left out either:Facebook
allows it's users to upload videos and share with friends this has
helped marketers, in the long run to improve their sales; Google plus
has also earlier this year launched a live video feature that allows
more and more people to collaborate online, commonly referred to as
Google hangout. These are some developments taking place in the
technology world; new inventions are on the boil.

But there's other side of it that doesn't augur well with most people
myself included. Well ,I don't know about your experience with videos
and I really don't want to meddle. All I want to do right away is to
share my part of story. Perhaps after going through my short
narration, you will atleast concur with my side of story.

Despite videos having more interactive-feel like, problems have always
arisen moreso when it comes to being economical, both in storage space
and medium of reach. I am not just stingy as it may sound, but you
would concur that videos will run down your prepaid account or will
certainly lead to huge bills for your Wi-Fi.

To some extend videos downloaded from the internet say YouTube,
turbidy or any other sites that may offer such services,choppiness,
missing sound,poor qualities among other issues is a commonplace.

I used to love videos due to their availability; for all practical
purposes, almost 90% of new videos will be available online between
the second or third months of upload unlike other formats like mp3,
wav, MPEG etc.
But having videos, despite their availability, leaves me with a choice
of downloading them and getting rid of some to create space. This is
very unsustainable financially; the cookie crumbled and I had to find
my way around it.

And so what do you do? The workaround to this is to use other light
formats like mp3. This will mean, for mp3 formats which may not be
available immediately, downloading the video format and using other
programs to convert it to a required format. This has ever led to low
sound quality that many of us dread. Furthermore, downloading the
video to your harddisk(hdd )/Winchester disk, sd card will most
definitely lead to low storage space on your pc or phone.

I was therefore compelled to sleuth all across the internet for a
web-based app or program that can enable me to convert the YouTube
video into mp3 format. After coming across many junk offered by
various developers I was able to find this that fascinated me! Phew !!
It has never been easy like using to convert videos to
mp3 for free.

Well, you might be worried how to use this and just right away in this
post, I am gona show you around Simply because it's
my responsibility and am tasked to do just that.

How to convert your YouTube-mp3
Having your internet connection,
1. Open YouTube on your. browser while on a different window or new tab navigate to
2.Locate your video url like shown below

YouTube-mp3 3.Copy and paste into's dialogue box and select
"convert" .After few minutes the download link will be available,click
it to download the file.

That's all it takes and I hope this article helps you convert your
video into mp3 format. As common with technology, things do change
often, my style maybe obsolete but unless you point it out so that I
may do the update. I kindly welcome your ideas and reactions in the
below comment box. Otherwise, let's connecton twitter or add me on
let's connect on @JenningsArgwing

On the whole, this article targets those who love to download files
from the internet. Kindly share it widely across. ;-)

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