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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

9 Fraudulent Websites and Kenyan Internet Fraudsters You Didn't Know About

The internet fraud is on the rise and it's about time we call time on it. Many are struggling to bring the bacon home with legitimate means yet some have devised unscrupulous means of fleecing people of their hard earned money through fraudulent acts.

The employment situation is a disaster and many con artists are cashing in on the desperation of others to secure these jobs. Look out on the daily nation classifieds sections, online classifieds like the olx and junkmail; they are awash with the same old tricks in the scam books. The unfortunate victim is always that innocent kenyan unaware of the skeleton secrets behind all this. Most of the time, with the advent of technology, most fraudsters have appeared to be more smart in their fraudulent ways.

But I have an opinion that the concerned authorities have been sleeping on the job. This so called scammers use services like mobile money transfers and banks which in some way or another will ultimately reveal the names behind  such criminal activities...
Without delving much into such mumbo jumbos, the only role you and me can play is to expose these fraudsters.

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Monday, 2 September 2013

How to change facebook language settings

The advent of social media was the best thing ever since sliced bread. Talk of twitter, or facebook,  the face of communication has changed tremendously. Well, it might seem a eureka moment but either Jack Doe or Mark Zuckerberg really internalized very  simple ideas that they appear to be the greatest innovation of its kind.
So how about that?  What's the idea behind the success of social media? What was the cornerstone of facebook success? What really makes someone to feel good when poked, tagged, PMed or just moved by a status update anyway? Well, we may say social media is never social until it's social. The virtual interaction is the idea behind it.
And so it has remained the trend.  A man with an internet connection internalizes every thought and movement like a tweet or a status update. Everyday, every second, billions of internet users access facebook login page or twitter login pages just to post their mumbo jumbos. As a result any news update will spread like wildfire in Savannah grasslands through the aid of social media.
This has consequently lead to an ever growing number of users. But what disturbs  me about  these social networks is their efficiency in dealing with personal private data!
Despite coming up with many security strategies,  I am not overly convinced that my data will ever be really private!
I have always used a shared laptop computer with a brother to access twitter and  each time  the result has been disastrous! Despite logging out of my twitter account and then logging into my brother's twitter account, after few hours my brother would just from the blue moon, realize that I am logged in!
This is a loophole twitter may consider looking into regardless of whether it's a browser cache issue.
Recently, a guy was rewarded $12,000 for hacking into Mark Zuckerberg's facebook fan page and posted on the timeline. Quite absurd!  Isn't it?
So facebook login page or twitter neither is not purely safe! But how about the accessibility? Making facebook mobile or twitter mobile site was a milestone as greater percentage now access social media through their mobile gadgets. That's a thumbs up.
To further ease the access, now facebook is available in several language versions e.g facebook en espagñol, facebook en français, facebook English (US/UK) among other language translations.
And so here comes another rampant issue when it comes to changing facebook login page language settings .
Many are the occasions that many of my good friends encountered difficulty logging into facebook using the default language. That is, especially for opera mini users, when the default language is English US on facebook login to homepage, it changes automatically to a strange language. Perhaps chinese, or Arabian, I don't know.
And it's very challenging given that first that facebook mobile site; has no option for changing the language settings once logged in unlike the facebook desktop site. And this is even  more complicated given that you won't be able to know the right tab to click.
So what causes the facebook language settings change? For each html page your browser accesses, a copy will be stored in a special region of your hard disk such that when you try to access the same html page,it compares whether the stored page has the same date as the current one. If the date is similar,  in a bid to reduce data latency and network traffic, the stored html page-commonly known as cached page is called up.
This is the same thing that happens whenever you access your facebook homepage using a browser. On accessing the page using your mobile browser, on the whole  cookies are always stored in the phones' manufacturer language for most phones. That's to say if the phone was manufactured in India or Finland, then a cached page in Indian or Finnish language will be rendered if it is called up.
This is still ashocker to those who don't understand the languages. The homepage maybe rendered in the default language but soon on facebook login, it's a different language.
For facebook desktop users it might never be a problem. Whether you have logged in or not, options are available to turn around this issue.
As a matter of fact, for mobile users, who condtitute the greater percentage, fortunately the workaround involves clearing your browse cache. This is a piece of cake for android users; go to settings>>>>applications>>>manage applications then select your browser from the list of applications, tap on clear data/cache to fixs the issue. Thereafter, activate data connection and access your facebook login page enter details and enjoy socializing with friends.
For other mobile browsers, the process is neither difficult. It involves accessing your browser's settings and clearing the cache.
For desktop users, you may consider following the below steps on how to change the language.

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